Prototyping Equipment
Rapid Prototyping
We have a Dimension SST 1200es FDM Modeller in-house to accommodate the prototyping process. We also have access to many other prototyping technologies through industrial contacts. We provide a prototype analysis service to determine the best process for making your prototype based upon our extensive knowledge in this field. Learn more about rapid prototyping in our Information Hub today.
CNC Machining
We have a two axis CNC machine in-house which we use for making one off parts and prototypes made from metal, plastic and high density foam. This is a highly accurate process and produces parts very close in detail to final production prototypes.
Finishing Techniques
Our skilled staff have the ability to make your prototype look and feel like a professional representation of the final product. Contact us today to find out how we can get your product idea ready for market and physical testing.

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