Frequently Asked Questions
Who are Futura Design?
We are a Dublin based product design consultancy who specialise in the development of new products from initial idea right through to market launch.

Futura Design was established in 1998 by Niall English a chartered engineer with over 20 years professional project management experience.

What markets do you serve?
Futura Design create products for the following markets:
• consumer goods,
• food and drink,
• sports,
• dispense technologies,
• child and baby care,
• construction,
• retail point of sale.

We also develop enclosures and packaging for the healthcare, electronic and high end technology sectors and are very proficient in designing plastic components for manufacture.

Should I protect my idea before calling?
We do not require our clients to have design protection upon approaching us. We always sign a confidentiality agreement prior to commencement and treat every project with utmost confidentiality.

Do you make prototypes of ideas?
Yes. We have many prototyping facilities here at Futura design. The time it takes us to develop a prototype depends upon how far along it is in the product design process and the overall complexity of the design.

Do you design logos for products?
Yes we can provide this service upon request. Our design team are experienced in this field and we also have in-house graphic design equipment and software to cater for this design process.

Do you manufacture products?
Yes. We can work with your existing manufacturers or we can source manufacturers from anywhere you request. We also have a wide range of manufacturers that we currently work alongside that we can use also.

Can you help me write a business plan?
Yes. We have a lot of experience in this field and will assist you upon your request.

When should I apply for a patent?
Generally speaking a patent should be applied for directly after the unique attributes of the product have been identified.

Some patent applications take quite a long time to process so we generally apply for a patent very early in the design process to ensure that the product will be protected upon launch, if applicable.

European or Irish Patent?
An Irish patent only covers you for Ireland. A European patent could potentially protect you in every county in Europe.

The decision is dependant upon the project but generally speaking it is better to invest in as much protection as you can for your design in order to maintain market share.


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